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Welcome to GusG Photography. This is my site with pictures and much more!

Here you will find sports action pictures, family pictures, and even some drone footage. 

There are a few surprises as well. If you enjoy cooking, rummage through my grandmother's Brazilian cooking family recipes (you will need to know how to read Portuguese, since these are the original recipies from her personal cookbooks!!!).

Most of the time you will find me sandy somewhere holding a camera.

Both of my daughters grew up playing sports, and I followed them everywhere they went: soccer fields, indoor volleyball courts, beach courts. Most recently I've found myself at the collegiate level, taking action pictures of NCAA Beach Volleyball.  It's a fascinating sport, and as a photographer you can be right next to the action, soaking it in and capturing special moments.

Even though both of my daughters have completed their sports careers and have moved on to new adventures, I continue to take pictures whenever I can.

Spend as much time as you want here. Hope you get lost with the multitude of pictures and videos in this site.

Questions? Contact me here.

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